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Award Winners:
Anthony Begert - 7-Figure Club
Nehemiah Davis - 7-Figure Club 
Evan Hennessey - 7-Figure Club 
Shannon Johnson - 7-Figure Club 

Mike Filev - $50K Club
Eric Zou - $50K Club
Favour Johnson - $50K Club
Mikael Longson - $50K Club
Austin Eckman - $50K Club
Nehemiah Davis - $50K Club
Cole Dockery - $50K Club
Ryan Koldan - $50K Club
Evan Hennessey - $50K Club
Tennesse Cox - $50K Club
Phil Bohol - $50K Club
Eli Richardson - $50K Club
Bronson Tipuna - $50K Club
Javier Lorie - $50K Club
Shannon Johnson - $50K Club
Anthony Begert - $50K Club 
Gilbert Carrillo - $50K Club 
Steve Swiat - $50K Club 
Bassem Salem - $50K Club
Michael Koss - $50K Club
Jacob Jones - $50K Club
Diego Tomás - $50K Club
Leonardo Batistella - $50K Club
Sina Sinry - $10K Club - $50K Club

Aliakbar Hussain - $10K Club
Faron Achziger - $10K Club
Bronson Tipuna - $10K Club
Eric Zou - $10K Club
Felix J Wisniewski - $10K Club
Mike Filev - $10K Club
Patrick Arp - $10K Club
Favour Johnson - $10K Club
Jack Vidal - $10K Club
Nehemiah Davis - $10K Club
Austin Eckman - $10K Club
Mikael Longson - $10K Club
Ryan Koldan - $10K Club
Anthony Begert - $10K Club
Cole Dockery - $10K Club
Javier Lorie - $10K Club
Evan Hennessey - $10K Club
Phil Bohol - $10K Club
Daniel Robertson - $10K Club
Shannon Johnson - $10K Club
Dylan Knight - $10K Club
Eli Richardson - $10K Club
Tennesse Cox - $10K Club
Bassem Salem - $10K Club
Steve Swiat - $10K Club 
Gilbert Carrillo - $10K Club 
Nilesh Bhakta - $10K Club 
Brandon Winternheimer - $10K Club
Navreet Pabla - $10K Club 
Grant Williams - $10K Club
Michael Koss - $10K Club
Nata Han - $10K Club
Sina Sinry - $10K Club
Selina Khanam - $10K Club
William Jackson - $10K Club
Thomas Lafond - $10K Club
Diego Tomás Llopis - $10K Club
Quang Tran  - $10K Club
Elsa Teng - $10K Club
Diego Tomás - $10K Club
Lindsay Collett - $10K Club
Justin Willard - $10K Club
Ryan Jameson - $10K Club
Hansita Gupta - $10K Club
Manish Paliwal - $10K Club
Leonardo Batistella - $10K Club
Jacob Jones - $10K Club
Nehmiah Davis - 7-Figure Award
Tennesse Cox - $50K Club Award
Javier Lorie - $50K Club Award
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Ecommerce Empire Builder Reviews:
I’m so grateful to all Empire Builder team, to be exact to Peter Pru, Jordan Strauss, and Aliakbar. They are amazing guys and professionals in what they are doing. Peter build a funnel for me, and now 3 months since launching I’m already profitable and have stable and solid sales every day. Also, their Academy is so much value, my mind was totally shifted to understanding how to earn money online and be able to scale fast. My success would not be possible without their mentorship in Inner Circle, they are giving prompt answers to any question I might have during improving my funnel. Happy I was brave enough to take a step and invest in their service building funnel for me. Guys, you are the best!

- Nata Han $10K  Club Member
Peter and the rest of the team were a huge help in getting my business of the ground and helping me scale to 6-figures. Taking EEB course lays out what you need to know from A-Z in order to start and run a successful ecom business. Taking this course will dramatically cut your learning curve and save you hundreds of hours. Over time the course will pay for its self many times over so it is well worth the investment.

- Anthony Begert $10K & $50K Club Member
I have been working with Peter and his team for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with the experience I have had! They have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and encouraging along the way and have guided me to a six figure business. I had the pleasure of getting to work with them in person a few months ago and it was very clear they are all genuine down to earth guys that truly wanted me to succeed. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow a business!

- Shannon Turnbull Johnson $10K & $50K Club Member
Ecommerce Empire Academy & the Inner Circle support has opened my eyes to new opportunities, Peter and his training not only show me how to make money and create amazing products that solve real problems, but also showed me how to think like an entrepreneur. I highly recommend going over Peter's material. I've been making $20k/mo for the last 3 months and that couldn't be possible without Peter mentorship.

- Javier Lorie Guerra $10K & $50K Club Member
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